You might decide that rather than buying an established property as your first home, it would better suit you to build.

Building with a custom builder allows you to customise your home from the outset, creating a brand-new property that is fit to your needs and lifestyle. It is important to understand the building is a big project that requires careful management and understanding of what is required.

Here are 4 steps to help you understand some of what is involved when planning a new build.

1. Do you qualify for a government grant?

Eligibility of a first home owner’s grant may mean you require less deposit to build your first home. It is important to verify this prior to purchasing anything.

2. Finding the right block of land.

Sometimes it is beneficial to buy a house and land package as opposed to a private block.
When choosing a block of land, it is important to consider:
Have the previous owners provided you with a soil report? The type of soil you will be building on can impact footing costs. – Is the block flat? Land with slope can mean expensive footings or retaining costs so do your research or if you have already engaged a builder they will be able to help out.

3. Selecting the builder.

Make sure you do your homework when selecting a builder. Developing a relationship is important when the time comes to asking questions. Ask if they provide a fixed price build contract. If they don’t, ask what items are not fixed and what costs are likely to change. It is important to understand this before agreeing to anything.

Other questions you may want to ask prospective builders are:
• . Can a builder assist with the preliminary documentation?
• What will happen if we need a variation to our building contract?
• Can I inspect my new home as its getting built?

4. Building your dream home.

First turn of soil!
Contracts have been signed and the building process has begun on your first home. It is important to contact your builder occasionally to understand the progress of the build and decisions that need to be made during it. A good builder will educate about this process rather than rush to hang-up the phone. Keep that in mind when it comes time to choosing your builder.

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