Custom Builder Building Process

Take a look at the building process in an Arlington Homes build, from a multi-unit development to a custom build.


1. Contract and deposit

The first step towards building your home is formalised with the signing of the contract. A 5% deposit is also required, less any previous deposits already paid.


2. Base

The build commences with Arlington Homes setting up the temporary amenities, excavating the land, installing underground services and pouring the concrete slab.

3. Frame

We start constructing the house frame, walls, structural beams, floor joists (for double-storey homes) and roof trusses.

4. Lockup

We install all external windows, doors, brickwork and the roof so your home can be locked up and is waterproof.


5. Fix

Internally, your home starts to take shape. The wall lining (plaster), doors, architraves, skirting boards, kitchen and vanities are installed. For double-storey homes, the staircase is built.

6. Completion

The finishing touches are put in place to complete your home. From the cabinetry, bathroom products, tap wear, tiling, flooring, appliances, driveway and landscaping, we ensure your home is ready for you to move in.

We then organise a time for you to walk through your home for a final inspection. Any issues are resolved and within two weeks your home is ready for handover.

7. Handover

We welcome you to your new home with all the essential items to settle in, including the keys, manuals to use your appliances and home maintenance guides.

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