Medical Centre Builders

Medical Centre Builders

The team at Arlington Homes offers building expertise from preliminary consultation and assistance through design to project completion and handover.

Having one point of contact for the building approvals and construction provides you with peace of mind your medical practice construction will come in on time and budget with a quality, functional finish.

  • Initial consultations
  • Development approvals
  • Building approvals
  • Finishes selections
  • Concept design
  • Playscape design
  • Plumbing and drainage approvals
  • Corporate branding

The Process

Design and Documentation

An initial site visit will give us an understanding of the space available, the requirements specific to your practice and a base for the concept design.

Arlington Homes maintains a relationship to ensure the Building and Plumbing approvals are obtained quickly and the final plan documentation takes into account any conditions placed by Council.

At Arlington Homes we focus heavily on our client’s journey, each stage of the planning process is documented, providing clear and concise reports on a quarterly basis.


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